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Limousine service definition

Limousine service definition

 Limousine Service Definition

   Limousine service means the transportation of Passengers by a Common Carrier on a Call- and-Demand basis charged at a per-Person rate and the Motor’s use.

The vehicle is not exclusive to any individual or group.

Limousine Service Definition #2

Limousine service shall mean a ground transportation service that uses vehicles with a capacity of 4 to 15 passengers to transport passengers for a fare based on

a one hour or more hiring period and: (a) On a pre-arranged basis only; and (b) On irregular routes and schedules.

Limousine Service Definition #3

    Limousine service means a business that operates limousines and has registered with the customer assistance department. To register with the customer assistance

the department, a business, or person wanting to operate a limousine service must give the customer assistance. Any such business or person who fails to

obtain proper registration with the customer assistance.

  More Definitions of Limousine

Limousine means any motor vehicle designed by the original manufacturer to be modified in length by a coachbuilder who shall be a qualified vehicle manufacturer for use as like a limousine to transport not more than eight passengers including a driver, on a prearranged basis and conforming to the same requirements under this code as vehicles licensed under the premium sedan class of service.

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