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What separates the chauffeur from driver?

                                  What is the difference between the chauffeur and the driver?

Is it just a different description of the person at the steering or there is a real difference between them? Let’s dive deeper and take a look.

                                 Drivers Deliver Pizza-Chauffeurs Take Care o People.
As a chauffeur, driving is only one part of the job. In fact, being a chauffeur requires that you do whatever it takes to take care of your passengers.

Yes, a chauffeur’s job is to get his/her passengers from A to B, but more than that, they are literally placing their lives in your care.

Chauffeur alone is responsible for their comfort, safety, and peace of mind while serving them.

Unlike a driver, a chauffeur takes personal responsibility for the passenger’s well-being and willingness to go above and beyond by simply taking them from A to B. A Chauffeur is:
. Service Minded
. Relational
. A Researcher
. Always Professional
. Dressed for Success
. Qualified

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